Kreatives Schreiben kann dazu beflügeln, dass Schüler/innen abseits von standardisierten Texten ihrer Fantasie freien Lauf lassen können. Ein sehr gelungenes Beispiel einer Maturantin soll zeigen, wie Kreativität auch im Englisch-Unterricht gefördert werden kann.

Searching for some fireflies

I am sitting right here on a foggy morning on our bench in front of our house. It is a little bit colder than I thought, that is why I am sitting here with my cosy blanket and a thick pullover. The sky is covered with clouds. The ground is still wet. A typical autumn day. The rose next to me has almost lost all its leaves but still, a few roses are flourishing. It seems kind of wrong to me. Everything seems gloomy. It is foggy. The trees are losing their leaves. All the plants are becoming brown and red. And then a few roses are blooming in a very bright rose colour matching my blanket. It seems so surreal that everything is preparing for the cold winter. It feels like the bright colours are slowly being taken away from nature and only a few roses have survived. They bring a bit of happiness back.
That is exactly why I am sitting here on the bench in front of our house and not inside on my comfy bed. I am fascinated by this weather. The changing of nature. The gloomy atmosphere. It is wonderful. Here I can relax. Read my favourite books for hundreds of times. Drink my cup of tea and enjoy my time. Sometimes only for a couple of minutes and sometimes also for a few hours. Sometimes I am only sitting here, listening to the matching playlist on Spotify called “Akustischer Herbst”, and watching the birds flying by and the leaves falling to the ground. And on some days like yesterday, I am sitting here in the evening, looking at the full moon, listening to some relaxing music, and searching for some fireflies.
There are many more beautiful moments that I want to share with you but unfortunately, I cannot continue now. It is starting to rain again, and I must go back inside otherwise my tablet would not survive because it is not waterproof.

Katharina Perschy, 8a
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